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Open correspondence to Pearson Press group Ltd.   john.mawer@pearson.com


Dear John Mawen,


I am sending you this correspondence because I am unsure if Dick Francis and or his Lawyers are keeping your company informed as to what is going on.


I originally corresponded with your subsidiary company Penguin UK (Ref: Cecily Engle) and then with Dick Francis Lawyers.


The fact is that Dick Francis infringed on my copyright in his novel ‘Come to Grief’, because your subsidiary company Penguin published this novel it follows that indirectly your company has by publishing ‘Come to Grief’ via your subsidiary also infringed on my copyright.


If you would like to browse my website http://dickfrancis.co.uk there is a mountain of proof and information as well as correspondence relating to this Dick Francis Saga there.


It appears that Dick Francis thinks that by ignoring my correspondence that this issue will miraculously vanish, he is wrong, and I have no doubt that you will realise this after visiting my site.

I am giving your company this opportunity to reply from you or a representative of your company in writing as to what action you intend to take to rectify this situation.


I expect a reply within 10 working days of the above date or I will be forced to assume that you have given permission for this correspondence to be published in full by any media outlet, and that your company is backing Dick Francis’s actions.


Please note: I retain the right to publish any reply from your company in full at my discretion or in part.


Yours sincerely, Linda Corby


Mrs. Linda Corby


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