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Sunday, 18 March 2007


Open Letter to David Blunkett at  david.blunkett@the-sun.co.uk 

Dear David Blunkett


I have chewed over your report ‘Fayed must forget Di Conspiracy’ in The Sun Newspaper ever since it was issued on the 7th of March 2007.


Your article made me feel sick to my stomach.  You obviously do not have a finger on the pulse on how the majority of the general public feel about this.  The first thing that most people said upon hearing that Diana had died in that car crash was shxt they have murdered her.  Most people now feel it is a disgrace that there has been such a cover up and that justice has and probably never will be seen to be done.  I probably had more insight into this because my husband and I ran a 24hr Recovery Service for over 25 years and that accident was obviously not just an accident to my experienced eyes.


I should not have been surprised by your very one sided biased article after all you are a politician.  However, you should be aware of how strongly the majority of people believe that you and people who think like you need to be put straight.


How dare you say there is no evidence to support the murder plot theory , when we all no that the evidence keeps mysteriously vanishing, disappearing letters and the like cannot be ignored, evidence  must not be swept under the carpet or there is no justice.


I am a mother who lost her daughter to Cancer, like any parent who has lost their child no matter how, who has an injustice to put to rights on behalf of that child is not and should not give up, in fact they cannot give up until the injustice is put to rights, because they cannot find completion or any piece of mind until they have done so, and consequently I agree and fully back Al Fayed in his quest to get justice for Diana and his son Dodi.


I am personally trying to get justice for my daughter Natasha.  Please go to my site http://dickfrancis.co.uk and you can read all about my battle, and you will also find the link there for people to read this open letter on the internet.


Please take into account that I retain the right to published in full or part any reply from you, in order that people can see what you have to say.


Yours Sincerely, Linda Corby


Mrs. Linda Corby


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