The two books are available from Amazon should you wish to compair them.

The real life true Story 'Bad Blood':


Or the Dick Francis fictionography 'Come to Grief' based upon events in the true life story.




Please do compair theDick Francis book 'Come to Grief' available from Amazon to my autobiography 'Bad Blood'.

In life one should always do what you know to be right, and sometimes one has to go out of their way to put a wrong to rights, no matter what the odds against one might be.

As I am also the gritty private investigator that Dick Francis based the charactor Sid Hayley on in Come to Grief' I would be surprised if Dick Francis in the past before he passed on or his family who presumably now collect the royalty payments for 'Come to grief' should be or were surprised at the lengths I will go to to put this wrong to rights!