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Dick Francis, the real Dick Francis was an obnoxious little man. Dick Francis proved this. Dick Francis was a thief. Dick Francis stole off me personally knowing that I had lost my twelve year old daughter Natasha to Cancer, Dick Francis knew we as a family had been to hell and back with untold vandalism of our horses/ponies, property and had personal injuries.

This does in my opinion make the late Dick Francis a low life not worth the dirt under my fingernails,  a yellow bellied coward who did not have the guts to face me, a grieving mother who had just had her autobiography rejected, rejected  because of his novel telling part of her and her Family's real life story Bad Blood that you are welocome to compair to Dick Francis's 

  Come To Grief

R.I.P Dick Francis although I would love to sue your estate for the copyright infringment etc

that you committed against me I never wished you any physical harm.

I have emailed both of Dick Francis's sons and neither of them have had the balls to reply to me.  Seems that Dick Francis's son's also suffer from head in the sand syndrome.




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On this page you are going to find out things about Dick Francis that you in all likelihood had no idea about. Dick Francis is not what the outside world of his readers might imagine him to be. You will also find out how things work with the big Media Companies, how they protect their authors such as Dick Francis irrespective of what those authors might have done in order to protect the profits they make via publishing such authors.

Autobiography from the heart 
Fiction of this won Edgar Alan Poe Award!

I used to be a fan of Dick Francis, like most of his readers; I wrongly presumed that Dick Francis had at least some of the good decent characteristics of the characters of the hero detectives that he produced within the pages in his novels. Unfortunately, Dick Francis has proved to me that he is nothing like the hero's he writes about, more like the characteristics of the villains in his novels. Greedy, sly, selfish, devious and an outright thief of my personal copyright.

Having said the above it is possible that Dick Francis's late wife Mary Francis may have been responsible for writing his Novels up to the point of her departure from this world, in which case it would have been Mary Francis rather than Dick Francis who was behind the theft of my copyright, either way Dick Francis and his publishers are responsible as it is Dick Francis's name on his novels irrespective of whoever wrote them, and as his publishers were informed shortly after publishing the novel which infringed upon my copyright, and as they have done nothing about it, this makes them  also responsible for the continuation of the copyright infringement committed against me.

Autobiography from the heart 

Fiction of this won Edgar Alan Poe Award!

Big media companies such as Pearson who own the publishers who publish the Dick Francis novels, can as they have in my case, totally ignore the copyright infringements of their authors, even when as in my case it is a completely provable fact that their author Dick Francis has committed a copyright infringement, and they have been notified of the facts.

If you have suffered copyright infringement or have a story that you would like to exchange link with this page please contact me.

Autobiography from the heart 
Fiction of this won Edgar Alan Poe Award!

This is a video review copied off Amazon page of Bad Blood

 A great book! 30 July 2012
By Mandy - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Below are emails and guest book messages I have received.

We stand together. Why doesn't the man just make a public admission and apology? It never hurt anybody to admit they made a mistake. Your daughter deserves nothing less.


A good man in an evil society seems the greatest villain of all.


I have read Linda Corby's autobiography Blood and the Dick Francis novel Come to Grief and Dick Francis has indeed used the Corby's lives as the basis for his book. Disgusting behaviour by Dick Francis!


Get a conscience, Francis and do the RIGHT THING! John Wayne Peel
We all know justice and support does not always go to the people that deserve it most. In this case you DO deserve it Linda, wish you not only luck but great success!

Pete F

I'm from Delhi and have been an avid reader of Dick Francis books - but I'm with you ALL the way Linda, you have a right for the world to read your story, if they so wish, and blocking your autobiography was disgusting.


I have cancer in my family, and I think it's REPREHENSIBLE that someone would cash in on your story like that


I am 100% behind you. It's awful that this already wealthy man is cashing in on your grief. Good luck and best wishes.


----- Original Message ---- From: HARRYANDANN HUNT To: news@dailymail.co.uk Cc: linda_corby@yahoo.co.uk Sent: Saturday, 12 May, 2007 9:43:24 AM

As a reader and fan of the DAILY MAIL I am pointing you to a story of enormous human interest, almost too unbelievable not to be fiction. This saga has all the elements of human skullduggery, tragedy and pure official incompetence that you could wish for to increase sales of your newspaper. I believe this story is on the verge of becoming big time news and is on the verge of bursting into the media like a lanced boil after years of festering. This story concerning one woman's long brave fight to expose the truth is worth looking at and would be a terrific scoop. I suggest you tap the name LINDA CORBY into your computer and follow the latest developments. Yours sincerely Ben C










The above link will show you why some newsworthy stories are repressed from appearing in some main stream news coverage!

You will find Pearson is the forth biggest.

Is Junk Media Making You Sick? [more vids]


What happened to me could happen to anyone.  Big media companies can have what is called known in the trade as Media Blanket Syndrome put on you your news or anything else they like. Then no Media outlet will go within a mile of you or your news.


First published on the internet Mar 12, 2007



This was Natasha my beautiful daughter.

'Come to Grief ' by Dick Francis is the novel

which Dick Francis based part of my life and that of my family on.

How would you react to what Dick Francis did had she been

your beloved daughter, and that you had just lost her to cancer.

Close your eyes and just image.


Now you have seen what Natasha looked like, I hope you will understand when I say that because Dick Francis based his book 'Come to Grief'  on part of our lives, so you will understand when I say that to find a huge part of her life/our lives fictionalized in ‘Come to grief’ was so horrendously painful and such a shock to me that I am still traumatize from it to this day!

Natasha was/is not a fictional character and never will be!

Autobiography from the heart 
Fiction of this won Edgar Alan Poe Award!

This is my last correspondence to Dick Francis.

6 Dorset Mews,

Dorset Lane,

St Helier,

Jersey, C.I.



Wednesday, 02 May 2007

To Dick Francis

C/O Penguin Group (UK)

80 Strand, London, WC2R 0RL, UK

Dear Dick Francis

You have consistently ignored my open correspondence to you via your solicitors on the internet published at online links at http://dickfrancis.co.uk and on its main page.

This is your final notification by recorded delivery via your publishers Penguin and you last opportunity to put the wrong you have done to me and my family to rights.

This correspondence is official notification that you have fourteen working days to reply to this correspondence. Please be aware that failure to respond to this correspondence within this time limit will automatically equal your admission of guilt of the below facts listed

The facts are that you have committed Breach of confidence, copyright infringement and plagiarism against me personally, and in doing so have used parts of our lives as the basis to produce your novel ‘Come to Grief’ knowing that I retained all rights to such.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Linda Corby

Please note: This correspondence will be published http://dickfrancis.co.uk and other links on the internet.

Here is proof that the above correspondence was sent to Dick Francis.



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